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Welcome to The Shine Group

Shine is dedicated to the advancement of music education, performance, production and philanthropy in the National Capital Region (NCR) and throughout Canada.

As a small, charitable non-profit, Shine is seeking donations. To increase affordability among its supporters, Shine stresses that many hands make light work. We seek assistance from a large community-minded audience by digital means.

The Shine Group is a body that oversees four streams of music activity:


The Shine Foundation: Governs the philanthropic arm of the Shine group. On September 6, 2013 The Shine Community Music Program (SCMP) was formed to use music lessons as a catalyst to break cyclical social problems by empowering youth. The foundation also raises money for charities.

Shine Music Academy: is the education arm of the organization from 2003-2022 Shine providing private, group or band lessons Shine studios, in-homes and through outside institutions. Shine Music Academy has partnered with Sunnyside Music School and has evolved from a brick and mortar location to a teaching method called The Shine Method. A method of teaching that uses Educational Neuroscience and the experience of the instructors that teach the method to guide students toward their best results.


Shine Concerts: provides booking support for musicians throughout Ottawa and Canada.


Shine Studios: provide skilled staff, recording equipment, grand piano, amps, guitars and isolation booths. Through these we’re able to record full production albums, demos, video, voice over work. Students use the facilities for these purposes as well as to assess their progress.

The Shine Method

The Shine Method can be employed throughout all styles, including rock, jazz,classical, world, folk or any other. Also for individuals or in a group. It can also be used as a supplement to other methods throughout many schools. 


What is The Shine Method?

The Shine Method is a project based teaching method that encourages:

  1. Individual instruction on a selected primary instrument

  2. instrumental exploration in the following areas:

    1. Multi-voice instruments such as Piano and Guitar gain an understanding of Harmony and ear-training

    2. Single voice Instruments such as wind instruments, and bowed string instruments in order to explore melody fully without the aid of chords

    3. Percussion instruments such as Drum set, Hand drumming and Auxiliary Percussion to solidify rhythm

    4. Vocal instruction to develop strong musical concept without the aid of instruments

  3. Group-(same instrument) and Ensemble-(multiple types of instruments) lessons to strengthen synchronized and cohesion between musicians both socially and musically.

Recording and production activities to produce a tangible product and to give context to music lessons

Spotlight on a Rapper
Shine Method


The vision of the Shine Foundation is to assimilate the disparate aspects of music education, performance and production into a single ongoing and unified process. By bridging the gap between students and professional artists the student develops a realistic skill set which they will require for success. In providing production facilities for music which are both state of the art and cost efficient, the foundation promotes the growth of a healthy and sustainable musical community.

By inviting the participation of local businesses, community organizations and artists in the production of concerts and events, Shine aims to build partnerships that produce an environment where excellent music performances can be appreciated with regularity by everyone.

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