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Our Teachers

Trumpet | Bass | Shine Method


Kelly Craig

A highly qualified Trumpet and electric Bass teacher. He also teaches beginner drums and piano. Having studied at The University of Regina, he completed a degree in Musical education, also completing both a music degree and Sonic Design Diploma at Carleton University and a Masters of Music Education at McGill University. Kelly has played with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Funk Brothers, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Bo Diddley, Dan Akroyd, Members of Ike and Tina Turner and Frank Zappa’s band, Otis Clay, etc… The list goes on! Kelly uses a number of unique techniques and concepts to help his students master theory and technique behind the instrument. He prides himself on passing knowledge onto his students and seeing their joy for music come to fruition.

(Musical Director)



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Mandy Kuang

Mandy has been playing piano for over 17 years and has gained knowledge from past experiences to create the environment needed for students to foster a long-term passion for music. She likes to adapt to different teaching styles that best suit her students, as well as experimenting with different musical genres and styles!


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Astrid Camarena.jpg

Astrid Camarena Correa

From an early age music has been present in Astrids life. Singing at home as a child, studying piano as a professional career, and more recently learning trumpet. She has a degree in music (Mexico) and a Master's degree in performance/pedagogy in Piano . She has performed with youth orchestras and has collaborated with over sixty instrumentalists, singers, choirs and ballets.


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Michael Darling

Michael Darling instills a love of music in new students, bringing warmth, humour, and liveliness to lessons. Always eager to lend a hand, Michael teaches with a calm, patient and friendly tone.

Piano Teachers


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Eileen Chang

Eileen got her Bachelors of Music in piano performance from the University of Saskatchewan. She has been teaching piano for 20 years, her students ranging in age from 6 and up (5 year olds may work, a discussion before the first lesson is recommended).




Anthony Kubelka

Anthony has been playing the piano for the last 15 years, and has a Masters of jazz performance from the university of Toronto. He is happy to teach piano at all levels, and has also performs across the city. He is very passionate about Jazz and can teach Classical, Pop and various other genres!


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Tim Gallop

Tim has been involved with music most of his life and began his first formal training on Accordian and spent many happy hours jamming with his dad; his first musical mentor. After switching over to piano he began experimenting with songwriting and developing his singing voice.

Violin | Viola 

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Rita Matar

Rita is a highly skilled and passionate violinist with a solid foundation in music theory and 15+ years of experience working in 5 stars luxury hotels, private events. She performs as one-woman show and with
bands and orchestra, playing international, Arabic, classical and pop music. She has participated in various festivals in Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan and Dubai in addition to attending a workshop internationally.
Rita is licensed in Musical education with great communication and time management skills.

Piano | Violin

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Neve Sugars-Keen

Neve is currently pursuing her Masters in Performance at Carleton University, and has been playing classical violin, fiddle and piano for over 15 years. She also enjoys music theory.


Flute | Saxophone

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Zeek Gross

A Saxophone and Flute player, with a Bachelor of Music at Concordia University in Montreal. Zeek has played with some of the biggest names in music, local legend Tony D, Gatemouth Brown, The Boogiemen, Nolan Porter and Patrice Zappa and Boule Noir. He played for the former notorious 515 club band. Zeek is currently a full time professional musician, he currently plays with Mark Nyvlt, The Occasional Angels, The Maclovins. He plays many different genres of music, everything from classical, blues, rock, Jazz and many more.


Piano | Trumpet | Vocal

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Andrew Knox

Andrew Knox is a well-rounded Trumpeter and Keyboardist based in Ottawa, Ontario. From an early age, Andrew has gained a great knowledge in different genres including Classical, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Folk, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

Vocal Training

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Anastasia Harmatiuk

The newest addition to our team, Anastasia is a former Actress from Ukraine having 15 years experience. She teaches all ages and makes vocal training fun; catering classes around musical styles that interest her students.


Vocal Training | Piano

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Catherine Cardeal Canadian Folk Music Awards.jpg

Catherine Cardeal

Catherine has been teaching and performing music for over 20 years. Her vocal training is in both classical and contemporary styles of music. She has extensive experience as a session musician. She completed her piano teacher training through the Royal Conservatory of Music in 2019. “As a teacher, I strive to enrich the lives of my students through understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of making music. My goal is to bring awareness to the role of music in the development and well-being of the student, helping them translate that awareness into ways of self-expression through creating of music”



Bass | Guitar | Piano | Ukelele

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Kurt Walther

A famous musician around town, Kurt has been playing and teaching for more than 30 years. Educated at Humber College in music and took lessons at The University of Ottawa and Carleton University.


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Sundar Subramanian

Sundar has played guitar for close to 30 years and has taught music technology (recording/production), music theory, and music history at the university level for ten years.


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Jeff Hagerman

Jeff has been a fixture in the Ottawa music scene for the past 25 years and has performed with Canadian blues legend Morgan Davis, Wild T and Les Emmerson (Five Man Electrical Band) to name a few, along with his own band and has done session work on various recordings. Jeff was a long time teacher of the iconic Ottawa Folklore Centre and has played and toured throughout Canada and the United States. Jeff specializes in electric and acoustic Blues, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Rock, Folk, Fingerpicking, improvisation and live performance.


Drum Set

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Matt Babineau

Matt is a seasoned musician with over 23 years of professional experience. He prides himself on being a versatile, groove-oriented drummer with the ability to play several styles. He has been involved with several bands over the last couple of years including Comfortably Numb, Sal Piamonte, Amanda Rheaume, The Cooper Brothers, AK Project and many others. Matt endorses Sonar Acoustic Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Remo Drum Heads, Los Cabos Drumsticks, Protection Racket Cases and Drum Star Wear.

Specialties: Rock Drumming!

Drum Set

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Adrian Trotman

A staple on the gospel circuit, at age 2 Adrian was playing with the best Pentecostal musicians Canada has to

offer. He immediately showed a thirst for learning as much as possible across multiple genres. In his late teens and early adulthood, Adrian has become a top call drummer both nationally and internationally. His experience allows him to relate to any aspiring drummer at any age, and at any point in their development.


Drum set | Latin Percussion

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Arien Villegas

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