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When the former Ottawa Folklore Centre closed its doors in 2014, the city lost an iconic part of local music history. The upper level transformed into commercial space while the lower level continued to offer music education under the name Sunnyside Music School

Holding a Saxophone
Holding a Saxophone

When Kelly Craig (musician, educator, founder of Shine Music Academy) was approached to take over Sunnyside Music School in May 2018, he did it with a commitment to honouring the rich history of this location.  



By continuing this location's tradition of quality, accessible music education. 

By building a diverse team of talented, welcoming music instructors while continuing to employ many of those instructors that had been teaching at the location while it was still operating as the folklore center  

And by sparking inspiration through our love of music. 


At Sunnyside Music School, the future sounds good! 

Our Approach

The First Note – We thrive on ensuring every student gets the most out of their lesson. From the very first note a student plays, our skilled teachers will tailor their lessons to fit their unique aptitudes and interests. 


Teach In Harmony – Students learn best when they are comfortable with the teacher. Connecting both personally and musically makes learning music better. We are confident you will find the right fit from among our diverse team of talented, welcoming music instructors. If you feel you would benefit from lessons with another instructor or a different approach to teaching, don’t hesitate to let us know. 

Music Class
Wearing Mask

COVID-19 protocols 

Sunnyside remains dedicated to the physical and mental health of our students, teachers, parents and the community.  All publicly mandated health guidelines are followed as well as any extra precautions we can take to help stop the transmission of COVID-19 

Our Calendar

To makes scheduling and planning easier for busy families, Sunnyside Music School follows the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) school year calendar. So when OCDSB students are on holidays and breaks, so are ours. But to accommodate students' and families' different needs, we are open to scheduling lessons during OCDSB break periods. 


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