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Sunshine Music Camp

It's always better on the Sunnyside of the street

Play, Learn, Grow, and Shine

Sunnyside Music School In collaboration with the Shine Method are excited to brighten up your summer with our stellar musical programs  

Music Class

This Summer

With a wide range of musical activities, group lessons, fun in the sun, and more. Our programs cater to 3 different age groups to keep their minds and summer bright

Melody, Rhythm, Harmony, Performance.

Our programs embrace the diverse languages and expressions music offers. Group singing, rhythmic physical activities, theory and sharing our unique tastes and learning.


Camp Guides

Vocal Training | Piano

Catherine Cardeal Canadian Folk Music Awards.jpg

Catherine Cardeal

Vocal Training | Dance 


Anastasia Harmatiuk

Piano | Trumpet

John Dozer


Ages 6-9


For our young developing stars; learning the fundamental basics of music and performance.


Ages 9-13


For our stars looking to reach the next level with more advanced techniques and development


Ages 13-17


For our rapidly expanding stars that are ready to become a constellation (group band performance)  

Camps starting July 1st

Schedules and a detailed list of lessons and activities released February 17, 2023

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